At Launchmark, we specialize in designing and printing high-quality, custom business cards that perfectly encapsulate and promote your brand, presenting a professional image to potential customers. Choose from a variety of printing options, including simple black on white, luxurious full-color, raised ink, and foil printing, all on premium paper and card stocks.

Save Big with Launchmark’s Unique ‘Shell’ Printing Options for Business Cards

Ideal for companies regularly printing employee business cards, our ‘Shell’ Printing Option is both cost-effective and time-efficient. Perfect for businesses with 10 or more employees, this option drastically reduces your printing costs.

How Does ‘Shell’ Printing Work?

  • Pre-Printed Master Shells: Provide us with your master business card design, and we’ll pre-print a bulk of ‘shells,’ leaving employee-specific details for later.
  • On-Demand Customization: Need cards for new employees? Simply send us the details, and we’ll quickly print on the pre-made shells.
  • Volume Pricing Advantage: Benefit from bulk pricing by imprinting small quantities on these pre-printed shells.
  • Flexible Setup Quantities: Choose setup quantities of 10,000 or 20,000 shells, tailored to your company size and needs.

Experience significant savings – whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. Contact Launchmark today to learn more about our Shell Business Card Printing services and see how we can help your business save both time and money.