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Direct Mail Works in Marketing your Business!

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Direct Mail Services

Simply put. Direct Mail is tangible, reliable, inexpensive, and effective for companies…and you can even personalize individual letters or postcards! Our team of professional marketers are direct mail experts and have a successful track-record in fulfilling direct marketing campaigns using our own design, print, and mailing services. We understand how to turn direct mail into ‘direct profit’ for your business. Whether you need help writing & designing a direct mail piece, getting it printed, or just stuffing envelopes, affixing mailing labels & postage, and handling the mailing, we can help you create powerful marketing materials that will positively impact your bottom-line.

We offer direct mailing and fulfillment services that include: marketing consulting, copywriting, design services, and mailing services for businesses all over the country. We also offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly direct mailing services at reduced prices, as well as direct mailing services for fund-raising & political campaigns.

We have one of the fastest direct mail turnaround services in Fairfax County of Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland. We generally design your mailing within 24-72 hours and have it printed in another 24-48 hours, depending on the project. And we can then have your printed pieces delivered to the Post Office the very next day!

Need a Mailing List? We’ve got you covered! That’s right…we can find the right list, help you with any special needs, and provide the final address labels for you!

Once we understand your target audience, we will pull the data from our up-to-date database, and provide you with a count, based on your targeted demographics, and give you a cost, right up front. And depending upon your budget, we can then mail to the entire list, or do a random ‘n-select,’ which reduces your cost, by only mailing to a portion of the list.

Whether its Variable Data or Personalization Data, we’ll handle it all…from list acquisition to data-management. We also provide the following with our direct mail services.

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Additional direct mail marketing pieces that we can design, print and mail:

We provide direct mail service for companies throughout Springfield, VA, Annandale, VA Fairfax City, VA, Alexandria, VA, Fairfax County, Virginia Loudoun County of Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC area. Businesses in the Washington, DC, Alexandria VA, Arlington, VA, Northern VA and Maryland including the Washington Convention CenterGaylord at National Harbor and Baltimore Convention Center have been counting on Launchmark Printing to print and mail their mailings for over 12 years!

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