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The act of screen printing t-shirts can go beyond just the development of a product for your company – it can become a helpful branding tool at the same time. Customizing t-shirts with your business logo and company name has multiple purposes to create corporate engagement with clients and customers. Before you start attaching a price tag to your wearable goods, take a deep look at the various possibilities that we will be discussing to make the most of screen printing t-shirts for advertising your business.

Attention at Tradeshows

Once you have identified the appropriate tradeshows to showcase your services and products, be sure to have plenty of custom screen printed t-shirts to hand out. If the event is casual enough, you and your staff that will be accompanying you should wear them to represent your company everywhere you go during the function and at your exhibition booth. Make sure it looks like a t-shirt people will actually want to wear to keep your company’s name in the minds of the recipients for successful future contact with them.

Employee Uniforms

Even if you aren’t heading out to a highly-publicized tradeshow, t-shirt screen printing still equips you with a uniform shirt or a gift for your employees that allows them to proudly show off the company name and logo. Screen printing your company website address directly onto the t-shirt is a smart move to turn anyone who wears them into a mobile marketing machine.

T-Shirt Giveaways

Generate some sizzling excitement around your company by creating a contest that offers one of your products for free, and includes a free t-shirt prize to several people that don’t win the grand prize. Such an event will help you garner media publicity and give you something new to chat about on your social media platforms.

Sponsorship Placement

Getting the local community on your side is a valuable resource, and what better way to achieve this worthy honor than by becoming a corporate sponsor of a charity that your customers are likely to be concerned about? Maybe your company will choose to sponsor a marathon race to raise money for a charitable cause. You can screen print and supply t-shirts that have your business name and logo to the runners that are participating in the race. Also, if the fundraising event involves your company having a kiosk or a booth, you can create visible promotion by having representatives wearing the t-shirt during the event.


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