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The t-shirt is a standard staple of casual wear, popular with both women and men. Therefore, whether you are an entrepreneur looking to promote your company, or you are a fashion designer who is establishing a clothing brand, knowing how to make money by screen printing your t-shirts is important. You will need to cut through the hefty competition with undeniable designs, reliable quality, and a brand that people love. Let’s take a look at the steps required to make the screen printing of your t-shirts a lucrative ordeal for you.

Build Your Brand

Wearing a t-shirt can feel like becoming a billboard for a person, place, or thing. Whatever is screen printed on the t-shirt becomes a conversation piece that gets immediate reactions out of people. Therefore, you aren’t just asking folks to buy a t-shirt – they are buying into your brand. Take responsibility for having a strong brand that is worthy of thousands of people representing it directly on their body – because it is a valuable commodity in the t-shirt industry.

Your brand makes a promise to consumers to stand for the story it tells, and the story that it is inviting customers to participate in. Capture your audience’s imagination and emotions with an honest vison of the world as your fashion brand see it – and execute that vision with a t-shirt that offers a focused niche, design expertise, and quality.

Serve Your Niche

Finding your niche is determining that highly specific element that makes the t-shirts you screen print stand out and attract the right audience. In the graphic t-shirt industry, you have every niche from funny slogans for college students to rock ‘n roll band t-shirts for music fans.  Find one that exemplifies your core message.

Detail and Design

People that are purchasing graphic tees get excited by the design, graphics, and slogans that express their opinions and connect to their personality. Refrain from copying trendy designs that have already been done and don’t fit in with the mission statement that your brand is trying to make. Designs don’t always need to be complex, but they should engage your niche audience and stand out in a crowd.

Quality Control

Maintaining a high-quality screen printing level is essential to success and sustainability in a t-shirt business. People may get sucked into purchasing a cheap t-shirt that shrinks with a shoddy screen printing job that cracks and fades fast – but customers won’t make that same mistake again.

Treat your supporters with respect with quality t-shirts and they will be more likely to shop with you again and brag about you to their friends. Don’t sacrifice quality for higher profit margins. Screen print your design on dependable t-shirt blanks that you have researched for their enjoyable softness, fit, sizing, material, and weight.

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