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Your company, organization, or special event has plenty of promotional methods to consider in order to get the word out loud and clear. When it comes to keeping a tight marketing budget in mind to get your logo in front of many talking faces, hiring a commercial printer to screen print t-shirts is an excellent advertising strategy. Screen print custom t-shirts for employee uniforms, event sponsorships, or prizes. Send your corporate logo out wherever it is being worn.

Cut Through the Marketing Clutter

T-shirts have been a standard staple of North American clothing for what feels like forever – and that isn’t changing anytime soon. They make great company giveaways and they allow your business to exist outside of an official website or social media profile. Screen printing t-shirts can create a more personal connection with your brand in a more casual manner with those that wear them and their friends and family that spend quality time with the person wearing the t-shirts.

Business Branding

Brand your business offline in the real world by screen printing a custom t-shirt. Create a trendy must-have t-shirt that is enticing enough as a fashion statement that people would want to wear it – even if your company name was not on it. They become walking billboards for your brand at seminars and company-sponsored events.

Enticing T-Shirt Designs Stimulate Curiosity

Thanks to contemporary metallic, puffy, and glow in the dark ink choices, there are plenty of creative ways to generate interest in your brand by screen printing t-shirts. Share your company image, along with adjectives and feelings that are associated with your company with the commercial printing that is screen printing your custom company t-shirts. Convey the concept and the reaction you want people to have to the t-shirts and ask about trends that you want to utilize with these t-shirts to offer a wearable advertisement that feels fashionable – and generates curiosity about your company.

Advertising You Can Afford

Not only can screen printing custom t-shirts present a fun and engaging form of marketing and advertising, but it is also an affordable strategy to promote your organization or event. When you evaluate the price points of other marketing materials and advertising solutions, screen printing t-shirts not only comes in at a highly competitive price, but also offers value to the customer because it is a promotional item they can actually use in their everyday life.  The price usually fluctuates depending on the number of colors you choose for the design, the amount of areas on the t-shirt that the screen printing with appear on, and the total number of t-shirts ordered. Take advantage of any price reduction that comes from placing orders for larger quantities of t-shirts when screen printing.


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