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Not only are family reunions a great source of fun, but they take a lot of organizing to bring together a mass amount of loved ones into one location that may not ordinarily get to see each other very often. Whether your family reunion is an annual celebration or a stand-alone event – you want to unify all of the beautiful branches of your family tree – and make everlasting memories together that day. Aside from the food, the games, the music and the drinks, you most definitely need to have an official t-shirt to commemorate your family reunion. Here are the key factors to consider when you need t-shirt screen printing for family reunions.

Pick a Theme

Choose a theme for your family reunion that will create excitement throughout the event. What one word best describes the vibe that is desired for that day? Once you have an agreed upon theme, decide what colors, images, and text styles best convey that family reunion theme when you have your t-shirts screen printed. The added benefit of having a theme is that it can make not just the designing of your t-shirts more focused, but it will also help to inspire the choices of activities, food, music, and invitations you mail out for your family reunions as well.

Family History

Think of descriptive adjectives that best describe the legacy of your family as a whole. Are you a creative bunch? What location on the map sums up your family’s origin? Celebrate your family’s history at your family reunion by reminiscing about the past and passing down family stories to the younger generations with family history t-shirts. You could list a few memorable pieces of family trivia on your family reunion t-shirt.

Depending on how well you know the story of your family, you could literally have a picture of your family tree screen printed on your t-shirt with last names woven together. You can also use the back of your t-shirt as a place to salute family members you have lost over the years as well to keep them alive in your hearts during the party.

Make it Memorable

Screen printing t-shirts for your family reunion makes great giveaways and souvenirs for this domestic festivity. But why go through all of the effort and money to have these t-shirts screen printed if they are going to look boring and disposable? Create a vibrant color palette and design concept that will be enjoyed by both the men and women, the kids, and the adults, and the working and the retired. Get rid of all generation gaps and use your theme and your family history to make a memorable t-shirt that the elders and the teenagers will all wear proudly for years to come.


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