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When you are working as an attorney, the strength of your abilities and your overall image is immediately expressed through your demeanor, your appearance, and also in the office supplies that you utilize. Attorneys need to maintain a professional and knowledgeable aura if they expect to gain and maintain clients.

The last thing an attorney can afford to have happen is to get their status downgraded by looking disorganized and using low-budget stationary – especially in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia market where the legal system sits front and center. Take our advice for printing stationery for law firms in the DMV metro area to preserve the earned reputation of your law business.


During your interaction with past, present, and future clients in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, you surely want to show them that your level of professionalism extends all the way to your attention to detail. A clear and simple way of achieving this is to pick the type of paper that conveys luxury and success. When it comes to legal office supplies, separate yourself from less serious law firms in the DMV metro area with engraved letterhead paper to make a powerful first impression on a client.

Engraved letterhead stationary needs to have the name of the law firm, address, office phone, fax, and email address located at the very top and centered. Also, the names and contact numbers of the attorneys at the firm are also provided at the top of the letterhead. In addition to letterhead, additional stationery items that should be personalized as well and made readily available are statements and memo cards.


After offering classy letterhead to clients and colleagues in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, you don’t want to then drop the ball and shove it into generic envelopes. You want to stay consistent and impress your DMV metro area clients with customized business envelopes with premium print and paper that dazzles.

Presentation Folders

When you need a sleek and simple method of advertising your law firm and getting your clients’ attention, use professional, customized presentation folders as excellent marketing materials. Showcase your law firm’s name and logo on your presentation folders in an engraved and glossy appearance.

Business Cards

Raised foil stamped business cards with an engraved look are a great way to go to express professionalism to business partners, clients, and in networking situations. In a highly paid profession like law, you can’t afford to look cheap and second class. There is quite a bit of competition in the DMV metro area when it comes to law firms – and you need to separate yourself from the fray immediately.


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