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Raised ink printing, also referred to as thermography printing, is an appealing printing process that places a powdered resin on top of the ink of a printed material. The excess powder is then removed and the printed item is heated to allow the ink and powder mixture to create a raised effect once it is dried. Using this attractive technique is an effective means of enhancing professionally printed materials such as letterhead, greeting cards, wedding invitations, envelopes, certificates, presentation folders, report covers, and most definitely business cards. But when it comes to thermography business cards, creating raised ink business cards for doctor offices is a dynamic way of impressing patients. Let us walk you through the advantages of raised ink as it pertains to printing business cards for doctor offices.

Professional Printing

Making the leap from typical flat print up to raised ink business cards is a fantastic way of reassuring potential patients and current clientele that your medical practice has a worthy reputation to live up to. Not only are you handing out free business cards that are creative enough for customers to save – they are eye-catching enough for them to also want to brag about them to their friends and family members. When it comes to people picking which doctor office to entrust their life to, raised ink business cards help separate your business from the standard cheap flat print business cards people come to expect.


Think about the convenience and expectations of your customers when selecting raised ink thermography printing when picking business cards for doctor offices. Older people tend to come to doctor offices more often than younger folks in order to address health issues. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier for your elder patients to read the business cards that you are offering them if they featured raised ink instead of flat printing? Add that extra multidimensional texture to your business cards for patients whose eyesight isn’t the greatest. Also, for customers that are less likely to rely on their cellphones, computers, and digital tablets to store important phone numbers, providing an easy to read business card is important for those that depend on them.

Affordable Quality

You may feel that flat printing will save you a couple bucks for materials that you are giving away and not selling. But don’t forget that these business cards may not be literally for sale, but they are selling a service that your doctor office provides. Thermography printing is a much more affordable alternative to embossing and engraving, yet provides you with a comparable level of quality. Utilize the professional printing, multidimensional visual style, and the economical quality that is available to you when you purchase raised ink business cards for doctor offices.


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