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Tent business cards, also known as folded business cards, are productive promotional items that are quite popular among business professionals in Fairfax County, Northern VA, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. But why would a DMV-based corporate employee or active entrepreneur want their business card to look any different than the basic “name,” “business title,” “company name,” and “contact information” business card standard that we are all familiar with? There are many industries in which folded business cards make perfect sense to go for instead of standard business cards. Before you place an order with a printing press, let’s first identify the fields that really benefit from quality tent business cards.

Retail Businesses

Brick and mortar stores such as grocery stores, computer shops, clothing businesses, and liquor stores can design their folded business card to stand up in a tent shape when left on a table to showcase an engaging exterior to peak people’s interest in their products with sales information, product images, and contact info. Offering a discount coupon is a great way to use tent businesses cards in a way that will help ensure that people have an added incentive to keep them.

Creative Companies

Turn your ten business cards into min marketing assistants for your marketing firm, technology company, production company, public theatre, or fashion design business. Tent cards can explain why your creative corporation needs to become a part of their lives, inform people of current events that are occurring or introduce prance new products and services that are available to make their life easier and more exciting. Creative organizations need creative ways to separate themselves from the rest of their industry in the local market. Folded business cards offer a method of standing out and adding valuable information at the same time.


By adding a fold to your business card, you are adding more surface area to educate your audience, stimulate their urges, and encourage them to take the next step and engage in a sale. Restaurants are fantastic for folded business cards because every weekday there is someone somewhere who either don’t feel like cooking, wants to impress a person by going out to eat on a date, or has a serious craving for the style of cooking that your restaurant is known for. Tent business cards are a cool way to provide pictures of your delicious food, show off the highlights of your menu, or get people drooling over what new dishes your chef is introducing.


With a huge heap of mainstream movies, theatre plays, sports matches, museum exhibits, and music concerts being unleashed in every major city on a regular basis, even calendar reminders and emails struggle to keep people informed at times. This is where folded business cards come in handy. Just set that printed tent business card that promotes the event you are looking forward to on top of your desk at work, on your refrigerator at home, or on top of your nightstand in your bedroom. These are three places you are bound to look at practically every day after your email has been logged out of and your cell phone has been shut off.


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