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Now that your big wedding day that you have spent more than the last year planning for has finally come to fruition, you can breathe a breath of fresh air and move forward in laying down the foundation of your newlywed lifestyle. But don’t be so fast to forget everyone who shared your special day with you, provided you will some start-up cash for your new married life, and made your wedding a magical moment of love. It is important to show your true appreciation to all your guests by printing and sending thank you card. Here are some explanations of thank you note etiquette to keep in mind.

In a Timely Manner

Wedding thank you cards need to be mailed in a timely manner, and if you think a year later is ok, you need to change your mind. A much more proper window of time to mail out thank you cards is between one to three months after your wedding day. It is understandable that you won’t have the time to get them designed, printed, addressed, and sent to everyone that arrived within the first month. You will need time to unwind and exhale. Also, you may have a honeymoon happening shortly after, and you have quite a bit of adjusting to your new life to do first.

If your list of wedding thank you cards is quite extensive, get some assistance and don’t stress yourself out by trying to do it all in one sit-down. Process this project into smaller tasks and spread them out over several days so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming that you start procrastinating.

Personalize Them

This next piece of advice may not be what you want to hear at all, but – your thank you notes should be personalized. Just sending out the exact same generic “thank you for coming” in each card will feel robotic and void of sincerity. Your guests devoted two valuable commodities to celebrate your wedding day with you – time and money. You should at least take the time to thank them for their specific gift and their loving presence. Keep a detailed record of who gave which gifts in advanced to make this possible.

Stay Organized

Be sure to double check and triple check your guest list and your gift list to not write the wrong thank you message to the wrong person.  Remember, there may be people that weren’t able to make it to your wedding but mailed you a gift. They deserve a personalized thank you note as well. Don’t forget to also use this opportunity to thank your vendors. Make sure your parents and your wedding party get extra special messages.


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