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It is vital that you don’t entrust the entire value of your brand that you worked so hard to establish to just any cheap commercial printing company that you come across. Obviously, everyone wants to pay the least possible for the most quality and quantity available. But with literally thousands of graphic designers and printing services open to you at the click of a button online, how will you be able to determine who will provide you with professional business card printing to impress clients and customers? We have compiled these five main reasons that picking the right business card printer matters.

Portfolio Samples

As you are searching for a commercial printing company, be sure to inquire about seeing some of their product samples. Look for these samples on the websites of these printing companies or at their stores if they have physical retail locations. While surveying the printed samples, start thinking like your customer, and be honest about whether or not you are impressed.

Testimony References

You will surely want to do business with a business card printer that has had past customers already. Find a list of their testimonials or references to be reassured about the experiences that other organizations have had with this printer. Research costs you nothing but time. What do others have to say about their experience with this business card printer you are on the verge of working with?

Exceptional Experience

Is the business card printing company that you are thinking about hiring trustworthy? Have they delivered poor quality printed materials in the recent past? Have they generated an ongoing series of complaints for order delays? Do they have low ratings with the Better Business Borough? Trust breeds confidence, and lessens the chance of having a nightmare working relationship. Check out their ratings on customer feedback websites like Yelp.

Professional Communication

Time is one of our most valuable resources as human beings and business people. When hiring a commercial printing company to create your business cards, great communication is key to completing the job without incurring migraines in the process. The right business card printers will have no problem explaining design and order information that may be unclear to you. They will also respond to you in a respectable amount of time if they have to find the answers for you.

Products You Desire

What is the point of hiring a business card printer that has serious limitations? Can they print you the business cards in the glossy or matte finishes that you desire? Are the prices reasonable? Make sure that you can get the card stock quality that you have in mind and shipping that works within your schedule.

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