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When you are putting together your wedding budget for wedding invitations, it is easy to make the mistake that all you need is the wedding invitation itself, and a fancy envelope to seal it into. But, in order to follow traditional wedding expectations and also to make planning arrangements easier for your guests, it is important to be aware of the tips and etiquette on the important things to include in the wedding invitation suite when making the appropriate choices for one of the biggest events of your entire life – your wedding day.

Reply Card

The wedding hall that you book for your wedding will need to know how many guests you are having, and you need to know how many loved ones you will be purchasing food for. Before you assume everyone can just text or email you with a “yes,” remember that many of your older family members may not be technology-savvy. Let your wedding guests RSVP with a reply card to inform you that they are coming.

Reception Card

If your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception will be taking place at two separate locations, you need to consider printing a reception card. It is a small card that invites guests to join the bride and groom for the celebration following the exchanging of wedding rings and vows. It shows the place, date, and time to arrive.

Map Card

Never assume every single guest will know how to get to the locations of the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. Make their job to come and support your marriage a simple task with a map card to provide them directions.

Accommodations Card

Many times, there are friends and family members of the bride and groom traveling to the wedding from out of town and need hotel recommendations. Many couples will provide accommodation cards that offer a pre-arranged discounted block of rooms with a booking code from a nearby hotel to give guests a reduced price.

Website Card

It is customary these days to create a wedding website, and provide guests with a website card, which is basically a business card for your wedding. The website card will inform them of your wedding’s website address which will provide them with information about locations, accommodations, transportation, and even engagement and wedding pictures.

Menu Cards

Menu cards simply let your wedding guests know which foods will be served and allows them to choose their meal.  It often provides them with a chance to indicate any serious allergic reactions they may have to certain ingredients.

Wedding Programs

These beautiful wedding programs will be the booklets that inform guests of the order of events, song selections, and reading passages that will make up the wedding ceremony on that special day.

Place Cards and Table Cards

It is important to print place cards to inform guests as to where they will be seated during the wedding reception.  The table cards are important because they indicate which table the guest will be seated at as well as when and if their table will need to be called up to serve themselves buffet style. The table card is usually displayed with the table number on the table top.

Thank You Cards

After the wedding day and honeymoon become distant memories you will never forget, you definitely don’t want to forget to thank those loving and generous wedding guests. Take your favorite wedding picture and get some gorgeous thank you cards printed and mailed to thank those loved ones.


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