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When you are seeking the ideal commercial printing company in the Northern VA and Fairfax County sections of the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia DMV area of the United States, it is key to be aware of exactly what types of services you need the printing press to provide you with. This region has fierce completion in terms of law firms, political organizations, real estate agencies, software development companies, medical positions, information security operations, and hospitality services. What do all of these employment fields have in common? They all need and benefit from being provided with professionally printed marketing materials. Keep your promotional item printing at the highest quality level that these local businesses strive for by applying these tips to choosing the commercial printing company that is right for you.

Meet Your Needs

Know what your deal-breakers are when picking a commercial printing company. Is the printing press’s estimated delivery time for an order of your size fast enough? Can they even print an order your size? Better yet, can they even print your order items? Are they able to answer your questions patiently and thoroughly without talking down to you or losing their temper? Select a company that respects you from a customer service level, all the way through to a quality level.

Track Record and Experience

Think of the printing company that you pick as becoming a partner. You want a valuable asset, not a sluggish liability. How do you make this judgment without having ever worked with this printing company before? You talk to somebody who has. Having an awesome reputation is crucial. Remember, these are the marketing materials that your current customers and potential clients are going to judge your business by. What do past clients say about this printing press? Reputable business owners will be happy to provide testimonials and references. Ask the references about how quickly they return calls, resolve issues, remain responsive, educate customers, and whether they would recommend hiring this printing company.

Impressive Website

When you are considering what type of commercial printing company is right for you in Northern Virginia, Fairfax County or Washington DC, go directly to their website. Have they invested effort in having their website look appealing and user-friendly? Or does their website look like a cut-and-paste template that could pass for a college kid’s blog? If this printing business takes the look of their website seriously, chances are the look of your brochures, business cards, calendars, postcards, and banners will be taken seriously as well. You can quickly evaluate the website and contact the company when you are ready to order.


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