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Your company sales sheet is also known as a product datasheet, sales slick, or sell sheet and is a useful tool that conveys the features, advantages, and prices of products and services all in one sheet. Printing sales sheets offers business owners the chance to assist customers make informed buying choices and reduces the amount of questions customers may have. Designing sales sheets that actually accomplish these desired functions is a crucial part of successful marketing. Here are the ways to make the most of your company sales sheets to yield customers and project attention to your products and services.

Grab Attention with the Headline

Your headline is extremely essential to your company sales sheet for a very simple reason – the headline is the first thing that readers see. Whether your sales sheet headline draws in potential customers to read the rest of your sales sheet depends on if you knock them out with a memorable message that makes a marvelous first impression.

The headline in your company sales sheet needs to feel personal to the reader, with words like “your” and it needs to generate a sense of urgency. Providing exciting data, statistics, or a powerful question that the sales sheet will provide the solution to for the customers can also make people pay attention.

Showcase Your Identity

Who is going to feel the need to spend time reading a boring, facts-and-figures company sales sheet that reads like an instruction manual to a home appliance? Separate your services and products from your competitors by reinforcing your company’s brand personality for your readers. Give them a sense of who you are with engaging images, appropriate language, infographics, font styles, and a color palette that matches your brand colors.

Suitable Testimonials

Even with a fancy graphic design layout, professional copywriting, and a products and services that can sell themselves, there will still be skeptical people that you will need to convince. You can overcome the barrier between you and your doubters with the credibility that comes from supplying testimonial feedback from satisfied customers. Build trust with testimonials, but be sure to have permission from these customers in writing to use their picture and quotes.

Strong Call to Action

The reason why you are printing a company sales sheet in the first place is to get people excited enough to take a step further and engage with your business so you can hopefully make a sale. Create a compelling call to action statement to encourage readers of your sales sheet to take action and use the useful information you have provided them with to make a decision.

Contact Information

Don’t forget to provide your current contact information to make it simple for your potential customers to engage and respond to your company sales sheet at their earliest convenience. This makes the most sense to print at the end to make it easy to find.


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