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With the overpowering mainstream usage of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube – businesses have more tools than ever to promote themselves. And because of these technological advantages, many modern entrepreneurs may be quick to cancel out business cards due to the assumption that they are an “out school” method and their lack of digital delivery.

But wise business professionals latch onto the power of personal interaction that printing business cards offer them. Printed marketing materials such as business cards that potential clients can grasp in their palm help to solidify a long-lasting impression after the initial engagement ends. Here are the key benefits to printing business cards to stand out in the overly saturated digital world.

Professional Image

Customers and worthy clients tend to gravitate towards companies that appear reliable. When newer businesses don’t have instant name recognition to stand on, they become judged by how superior their brand image is in comparison to their competitors. High-class business cards are an impressive and affordable method of putting your polished company image in front of people. By having spent money on your eye-catching business cards, you are also showing the recipient that you have invested in a powerful appearance for your company to live up to.

Establishing Business Connections

Even with online networking constantly being used every day to expand business connections on social websites such as LinkedIn, face-to-face interaction is still a proven method for intensifying business relationships and stimulating sales. Business cards have the ability to unlock closed doors with people you are meeting for the first time. After handing over your commercially printed business card, you are now a real person to the receiver, not just another photo and online profile.

No Internet Necessary

We have all run into the inconvenience of poor WiFi Internet connections. If the trade show or conference that you are attending is experiencing any Internet disruption, having your contact information available on a printed piece of collateral will be a real relief. Also, you won’t have to be the rude person who has his or her eyes glued to their smartphone during industry discussions while you try to email or text a new acquaintance.


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