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Don’t be so quick to right off the power of a direct mail campaign just because you have a strong social media following. Direct mail advertising with the commercial printing of coupons, brochures, and postcards peaks the interest of consumers in a way that is similar to getting an unexpected letter from a friend or a gift – it is a tangible surprise. Direct mail ads aren’t random emails that can be instantly deleted; they have been physically created and delivered to you. When direct mail is done properly, it can avoid the “junk mail” nuisance factor that frustrates some recipients. Here are the reasons why direct mail campaigns are important – and direct mail marketing is still a strong option.

High Conversion Rates

Many individuals are quick to jump to the conclusion that modern technology has gotten rid of the need for direct mail advertising marketing campaigns. But marketing statistics indicate that direct mail advertising is still flourishing and effective. The United States Post Office has stated that approximately 78 percent of consumers read each mail item that arrives at their home. About 40 percent of consumers in the 18 to 34-year-old age range immediately read their mail and find the information useful as well.

In addition to these statistics, The United States Postal Service also reported that 98% of consumers bring their mail inside the same day it is delivered. Reaching consumers is among the most difficult parts of marketing. With direct mail advertising, your message doesn’t have to get stuck in an email spam folder and disappear forever.

Flexible for Campaigns

Direct mail is flexible because it can be used as a grand opening invitation, a short-term promotional tool, a coupon, sales collateral, holiday reminders, or even company newsletters that give a glimpse into the inner workings of the business. Direct mail is great for encouraging new customers or to establish a long-term relationship with clients. Direct mail can also assist you to gather customer information with the inclusion of surveys and questionnaires.

Direct Mail in an Integrated Strategy

Direct mail is a fantastic tool when used in conjunction with other marketing campaigns to amplify a message, establish a brand, stimulate a short-term return, or gather information.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, communicating to customers across multiple marketing channels will increase the customer’s value:

  • Across Two Channels: Increases the customers value 20-60%
  • Across Three Channels: Increases the customers value 60-125%

Even with the steady usage of digital marketing and online media, direct mail is still an important part of impacting customer purchases.


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