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What is the point of spending hard earned dollars from your marketing budget to produce and deliver a letter for direct mail sales just to have it end up decorating the inside of thousands of garbage cans? When you are targeting influential industry tastemakers and possible consumers in local areas like Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, you want to create a direct mail marketing piece that will speak volumes for your business.

Before you begin to add any business lingo or specific descriptions of your products and services, be sure to incorporate these reliable strategies for writing a useful direct mail sales letter to get the results you deserve.

Match your message with the needs of the target audience

Make sure that your offer of products or services fits the needs of the recipient. What is the point of a pitch to a marketing manager something that is only appropriate for the manufacturing department?

Grade-School Level Writing

Research has proven that most people read at an eighth-grade level. Keep big, lengthy, and complex language out of your direct mail sales letter for a smoother reading experience.

Call to Action Message

Your direct sales message needs to clearly ask the recipient to do something specific. It may be “call for more information” or to “order now.”

Make Your Point Fast

Why risk losing the reader by beginning your letter with basic and lazy information? Get to the point in those first lines.

Sell the Benefits

Yes, it is true that business people tend to love compilations of product features or new upgrades and technological advancements listed out to them. But there is no certainty that any of these bigger and better improvements will matter to consumers. They may not even be familiar with why these things are necessary.

Focus on the direct ways that potential customers will benefit from using your service. How will their life be made easier?  End-user benefits of how they will be able to save time and increase productivity. These are the mental and emotional stimulations that will make them inquisitive and encourage them to take the next step towards a purchase.

Conversational and Personal

Most people are extremely accustomed to accessing current data on their own. Therefore, the last thing that they want is some really dull and generic message forced upon them.

Personalize each direct mail sales letter that you deliver in your marketing campaign. Keep the writing style casual and comforting, like they were receiving a letter from their personal friend.


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