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When it is gearing up to be wedding time, mailing out save the date cards to everyone on your guest list is the first step towards making that grand announcement. You want to give people a generous amount of advanced notice so your wedding date can be floating around in their mind and added to their busy schedules. Even in this day and age of electronic alerts on our cell phones and computer calendars, printing and mailing save the date notes are still a relevant and tangible way of making people aware

Why Send Save the Date Notes

Whether you are planning a destination wedding on a distant Caribbean island or having your wedding festivities at a local wedding hall – save the date cards are necessary. Especially if you are getting married during high travel times like a holiday weekend, a save the date is an integral courtesy. Between organizing travel arrangements and accommodating hectic schedules, save the date cards increase the chances that guests with be able to attend your celebration.

There are many responsibilities that pull your guest’s lives in different directions, like their children, their extended families, their careers, prior plans, and their outside hobbies and obligations. You don’t just want to pop wedding invitations into the mail and hope for the best. Allow people to feel special and to know that you really want them there on your special day by providing them with ample notice with a save the date card.

When to Send Save the Date Notes

There are many facets to a wedding, such as music, food, flowers, photographers, and videographers. Having your wedding hall booked before sending out save the date cards is important, because what if you promise the wedding vendors that it is happening on the first Saturday in June and all the halls you love are booked on that date?

To be on the safe side, give yourself about six to eight months prior to the ceremony to start sending out the save the date notices. If you have guests coming in from other countries or it is going to be a destination wedding that is far away, consider even more advanced notice for your guests. People need time to book flights, take time off from work, and to start putting extra money aside.

What Information Should Appear on Save the Date Notes

The crucial information to include on save the date notes should be the couple’s names, the wedding date, location of the venue, and a wedding website if it is available. It isn’t necessary to include an RSVP just yet, nor do you have to have your wedding colors figured out yet. You can save those decisions for the wedding invitation itself; the save the date invites are much more casual. Don’t be afraid to be upfront about the specific names of the people invited. If you want to leave room for a potential boyfriend or girlfriend – adding a “plus 1” is perfectly fine. What you don’t want to do is leave who the save the date card is for wide open for the recipient to tell a big slew of people and expand your wedding budget in the process.


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