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Even in this current digital information age, direct mail campaigns and the commercial printing of marketing materials still remain key assets in the overall advertising plans of many successful businesses. With the appropriate execution, direct mail advertisements can be a very effective technique to gain visibility. But aside from getting the attention of consumers with direct mail, utilizing postcards, brochures, and coupons as direct mail marketing also provides companies with tangible and measurable results that can be tracked. Follow along with our best practices to optimize direct mail campaigns for marketers – and transform direct mail advertising into a path towards your business goals.

Call to Action

Be clear about what you want the customer to do. Is it to call you, sign up for a contest, or schedule a free consultation? Create a sense of urgency with your call to action message and announce it more than once on your direct mailings.

Attractive Design

Make a solid first impression on potential customers with a clear, concise, but eye-catching graphic design for your direct mail pieces. Don’t go too crazy and cram too many pictures and text. Keep your brand colors and contact information in mind.

Know Your Market

You should know where you are sending your direct mail advertisements – and why they are going to these selected people. Identify your target audience to avoid wasting time and money.

Focus on Benefits

Don’t forget to include the benefits that customers will receive by taking part in your offer. Consumers value cost, quality, convenience, and comfort.

Keep Your Mailing List Current

Incorporate feedback, new responses, and updated addresses into your current records. Whenever possible, have your sales team contact with existing clients to keep your mailing list current. You can use your website to keep contact details as recent as possible as well.

Use Direct Mailers for Multiple Purposes

If at all possible, design direct mailing ads that can be used for other purposes other than your initial reason. If you have printed marketing materials that can be used for local events or sales kits, you may be able to reach even more prospects than you thought.

Personalize Your Messages

Everyone enjoys being made to feel special. Do your best to keep your messages as personal much as possible. Aside from personalizing the mailing envelopes, try to utilize pictures of your staff, the CEO, and the work site to help tell the story behind the company that you are asking people to do business with. This personal connect creates comfort and familiarity.

Testimonials Matter

People don’t want to feel like they are dealing with a company that has zero experience and has no credible customer base. The “fear of the unknown” concept also applies to business. When people are choosing to spend their hard-earned money, they want some reassurance that they will receive quality products and services. Use authentic testimonials from real customers that are tied directly to your company’s key benefits. These tangible success stories help justify why what you offer has value.


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