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As you prepare to spend money or reinvest hard-earned profit into commercial printing services, it can be nerve-wracking to decide who to put your trust in. The competition is dense and research is vital. But before you plunge into reading endless industry forums and online testimonial comments, let us guide you towards what to look for in a commercial printing company in Northern Virginia to make the selection process simpler.

Quality is King

Quality is the ultimate desire for your business’s professionally printed marketing materials. These items will speak volumes on your company’s behalf. If a printer is unable to provide you with a variety of paper stocks, cutting styles, and printing finishes, are they even worth your time?

Are you able to access the printing service’s portfolio? Do they have any verifiable past clients that are happy with the results? Can you get recommendations from satisfied consumers? What is their social media and website presence implying about them?

How long has your potential commercial printing provider actually been in business? Companies in Northern Virginia come and go every day. For all you know, if you are unable to reach a real person, is there any proof that this so-called printing business is anything more than some fraudulent website some teenager constructed in their bedroom?

Trustworthy Business Partner

Professionalism is an integral component of having a happy and successful relationship with a commercial printing company. You have to be able to trust this business to be able to execute prestigious reproductions of your graphic and text layouts as a business partner in your marketing efforts. How long does it take their client service representative to respond to your queries? Also, when they do respond, how accurately are they able to answer your questions, and is the information offered in a patient, engaging and welcoming manner?


Does the printing business that you are interested in offer a variety of printed marketing materials that cover your needs? Also, take a good look at your schedule for your commercial printing project, and be sure that the printing company that you select has decent turn-around times. What are the minimum and maximum volume range of brochures, business cards, banners, postcards, and posters that they can handle?

Reasonable Prices

Quality costs money, but nobody feels good about overpaying. Do your homework and ask around to ensure that you are getting an affordable and competitive rate for your printing services.

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