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When it comes to doctors business cards and medical business cards, raised ink cards that are generally created by a process referred to as thermography is a preferred route. Sure, you could also go the traditional way with flat printing for business cards. But let us explore the reasons that raised ink has added perks for doctors and medical office professionals.

Raised Ink Process

Thermographic printing that creates the raised look on your business cards adds dimension to the final product, as well as texture and a visually appealing end result with a matte finish or glossy finish. Keep in mind that raised ink printing for business cards need to be printed on one side only to be effective. For success, it is also recommended that raised ink business cards use fonts that aren’t too thin and are bigger than 6 points, and preferably with darker color print.

Benefits of Raised Ink Business Cards

Thermography for raised ink business cards is an exceptional printing choice because it’s a high-quality product that will impress potential patients and current customers that want a medical professional they can take seriously. It gives the ordinary business card an upgrade to the level similar to that of an engraved product with three-dimensional printing. It is important for doctors’ business cards to stand out from typical flat printed business cards, especially when you want your medical service to receive positive and impressive word-of-mouth feedback from your patients.

Older Patients Like Raised Ink Business Cards

Modern technology may cause doctors to assume that all of their customers use up-to-date computer applications and websites to engage with businesses. But for the elderly customers that feel more at home with physical doctors business cards in their purses and wallets, raised ink business cards to provide them with cards worth keeping. This form of commercial printing that is visually appealing can lead to patients taking more than one card to share with friends and family members. The raised ink also makes it easier for those customers whose vision is blurry to be able to read the text better by feeling the letters with their fingers when they have difficulty seeing the numbers and words.


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