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What exactly is a mailing shop? A mailing shop, also referred to as a mailing house or a mailing agency, is a business that is hired to organize direct mail to be sent out locally, nationally, and also internationally on behalf of companies or organizations. Successful mailing shops are able to take advantage of cheaper mailing rates that the average individual or organization wouldn’t be able to receive. It is highly recommended to use the services of a mailing shop when you have a massive amount of direct mail. You want to find yourself a one-stop mailing shop that offers multiple services for your direct mail needs. But what are some ways to identify how to choose the right mailing shop?

Account Management

You want a mailing shop that is going to operate like a business partner on your organization’s behalf. Planning, project management, and account management are key services that you will need the right mailing house to offer. Choose one that can draw on their experience and expertise to help you prepare your direct mail campaign, including the best form of mail to use and how to take advantage of the various routes. Great mailing agencies will allocate an account manager to handle timescales, pricing, and resolving issues that may arise.


An expected service that you should find when choosing the right mailing shop is printing, with many providing onsite through printing with their own equipment, or offsite with designated print partners that they have entrusted previous projects to. Typically, these printing services should be used when very specific requirements are needed, large order volumes are taking place, or very time-sensitive turnaround schedules are expected.


Mailing shops are integral to assisting you with personalizing your direct mail campaign. In most cases, personalization can be the key deciding factor as to whether or not your campaign wins or loses with potential customers. People want to feel that your direct mail was directly designed and intended for them and to suit their needs. To add that personal touch, find out whether a mailing shop can add personalization by inserting personal images and personal information.


You will certainly need a mailing shop that can offer you shift ad suitable fulfillment, which is the process of taking printed materials and converting them into mail items with techniques such as poly-wrapping, packaging, collation, folding, bundling, and closing. Mailing shops will typically automate the fulfillment process as much as possible, while certain tasks may have to be handled manually


After your direct mail campaign, has been properly planned, printed, fulfilled and personalized, if the mailing shop that you finally hire offers true start-to-finish service, they should be able to help with boxing and sealing, so your printed materials can be collected by postal carriers for distribution.


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