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When it comes to executing a successful direct mail campaign to make a positive impact on your local community members, it becomes crucial to identify the most optimum methods for reaching them. TV commercials, website banners, and Facebook ads could all miss the target by casting too wide of a net to garner regional attention. But with a direct mail campaign, you can fine-tune your reach and maximize the magnitude of your message by following our suggestions on how to use direct mail to market to your local community members properly.

Regional Charities

Having your company involved in a prominent regional charity is an excellent source of local marketing and is an affiliation that isn’t that difficult to establish. Simply contact the charity that best represents the ethics of your organization and inquire about their requirements for sponsorship. They will most likely quote you a financial amount that needs to be paid.

Once you are included as one of this charity’s sponsors, find out if your company can now be acknowledged during their upcoming events. Also, get permission to know make mention of the fact that your company is an official sponsor of their charity on your printed direct mail marketing materials. Informing potential customers that you are supportive of local charities makes your company much easier to love and support – because you are supporting others.

Giveaways and Contests

Whether your business is new or been around for a couple of years, it can be quite beneficial to grab ahold of local community support by hosting a contest and give away prizes that consist of your products and services. This can be successful in multiple ways. Number one, using your direct mail marketing materials, such as printed postcards, to promote a contest can be a great way to drive local traffic to your website or get customers to come down to your retail location. Number two, it also creates opportunities to create some positive regional word-of-mouth publicity by getting your products in the hands of the winners who can now use them and share their experience with family and friends.

College Interns for Marketing

As a local or regional small business you are able to build a relationship with the local college or university career center director. The director will give you the term schedule for career fairs, job posting opportunities and internships. Most marketing majors in your local college are looking for solid experience, often through an internship.

The internship that you offer through your local university can be paid or unpaid, but the coolest detail of the internship is that you get fresh, young views and energy into your company and your company’s efforts. Regardless of your age now, there will be a day when you are not so young and your company can be at risk of growing stale and out of touch. With one or two regular internships operating in your company, you insure that you stay in touch and your company up-to-date, even after you have passed the “cool” ages.

As with any internship you will actually create a job description and a detailed and plain set of responsibilities for your intern(s). After all, you are offering the intern valuable marketplace experience which makes them prime for the pickings at graduation time. Don’t rob them by not giving them responsibilities and some creative reigns. Your interns will work better too if they are taken under an executive’s “wing” so they have exposure to a top decision maker in your company. The executive/mentor – intern relationship is ideal and can lead to other things such as an opportunity to recruit top talent from your local university.

Connect with Free Newspapers

Never underestimate the power of local free newspapers. They cost readers absolutely nothing, and they tend to have a high circulation that can cover a wide range of people in any given community that they service. Contact the free newspaper that you feel your ideal customer might read, and find out how you can go about having your printed marketing postcards or brochures directly inserted in these free newspapers. Now your direct mail campaign will be able to reach these readers and have your brand associated with this local newspaper as well.


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