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It is a fantastic idea to promote your business or organization by hosting a community event, sponsoring a charity fundraiser, or even by launching a sales offer with a limited time attached to it. This is where outdoor signage and banners become a crucial element towards success. Whether you choose for your outdoor event signs to be simple or complex, be sure to take heed of our top five guidelines that are required for conceiving printed event banners and signage that get results.

Main Event

Make it known exactly what the event is that you are promoting with your printed event signage and the organization that is hosting it. Get people excited about this upcoming experience that you are inviting them to share with you.

Location is Key

Where you place your event banners and signs will not only determine how many people will potentially notice them but also how big they need to be to properly fit in the specified locations. Is there a way to incorporate the location itself into the messaging to speak directly to the particular community?

Legible Information

The message needs complete clarity not only for people passing by on foot who might stop and read it but also for automobile passengers that only have a few seconds to look at it. If traffic and passers-by can’t read your sign, then it won’t be a very cost-effective marketing tool. So keep your message legible, ensuring that it can be quickly read by passing traffic. Make your point clear and in bold type.

Colors and Text

Using your branding colors makes complete sense, especially when you are trying to grab immediate attention with your printed event banner and build brand awareness. Just don’t get carried away with colors and text fonts that will limit the readability of your sign from a multitude of distances.

Worthy of Attention

The layout design of the graphics and text, as well as the size of your printed outdoor event signage, has a very limited amount of time to pull people’s attention into its direction. Working with a professional company with expertise in printing and marketing increases your success rate. Get a graphic designer if you haven’t already to magnify your message without making a mess of your event sign. The same way that a printed event sign can attract visitors, it can also convince them that they should avoid this experience as well. The general perception will be, if the banner looks disorganized – so is the event.

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