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There is a wide range of small businesses, from restaurants to dental offices, as well as churches and real estate agents, that make effective use of printing postcards for promotional purposes. Full-color customized postcards are an economical method to promote products and services, as well as special events and time-sensitive sales offers. But before you place your order for 5000 double-sided postcards with a matte finish, make use of our suggestions for printing impressive postcards for small businesses.

Know Your Audience

Selecting a particular target audience to receive your professionally printed postcard will enable you to create a specific message directly to them. The more focused that your message is, the more it will be able to be effective with your audience. Your potential customers will get a chance to understand the benefits and advantages that your services and products can offer them.  Even if the postcards are being used to promote an event; having an idea of who you expect to attend will help you know which direction to go in when crafting the language and graphics to best communicate to them.

Clarify Your Purpose

During the designing phase of creating your printed postcards, you needed to have a clear concept for the purpose that they will serve to your organization. There is a limited amount of printable space available on postcards, which makes it important to answer the “who,” “what,” where,” why,” “when,” and “how” questions succinctly without overdoing it.

Call to Action

Make it clear to your audience exactly what you want them to do. Is the postcard call to action to generate more customers to your boutique gift shop with a 10% off coupon, or to donate to an important charity? After they read this card or go to your website for more information, how should they proceed to take action?

Useful Value

The key method to making your postcard useful and valuable to a customer is by helping them solve a problem. Your product or service should be the answer to a question that has been bothering them lately. For instance, where can I find a great Caribbean restaurant in the area? How can I get involved in assisting with Hurricane relief funds? Is there a local fitness gym in the area that I can join?  Postcards are a fantastic way to promote organizations that are seeking membership, seasonal products, special events, and limited-time sales offers.

Simplicity Works

Don’t overwhelm your printed postcard receiver with a dictionary level of text to read and a wild splash of colors and photographs to try to understand the purpose of. As the wise saying goes, “less is more.” Focus your design layout for your postcards with minimal yet informative text with just one or two font styles, and two contrasting colors. Let the message stand out so it doesn’t get lost in the chaos of a cluttered postcard for your prospective customers and clients.

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