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Once you understand the immediate impact that can be made by passing out your business card, the next thought that may arise is – but everybody has a business card…what makes me any different? Standard business cards with white cardstock and black print are likely the first image that appears in your mind. In order to break on through to the other side of generic monotony in the business world, consider printing raised foil stamped business cards.

Give yourself the advantage that comes with having a luxurious, high-quality business card to project a solid professional perception to potential clients. Let’s walk you through the golden road of raised foil stamped business cards to allow you to visualize how they will upgrade your image.

What is Raised Foil Stamping

Raised foil stamping printing services for business cards is a process that attaches metallic or pigmented foil onto card surface with the use of a heated die, which then leaves the foil firmly adhered. Being that no ink is used to produce these high-end business cards, foil stamping is considered a dry printing process that uses plates, foil and heat.

The Printing Process

Raised foil stamping is somewhat similar to letterpress and engraving techniques because the colors are applied to business card surface with pressure. Once the business card design is approved and finalized, metal dies are created in the desired shape and size for each individual color foil that needs to be applied to combine and formulate the design.

Next, the dies are heated up and then stamped with the necessary amount of pressure to seal a thin layer of foil to the paper. Each individual color is applied through multiple runs of the press to produce the final design. A final die is created for the raised up embossed image effect to occur.

The Raised Foil Look

Raised foil stamping will add unmatched elegance and sophistication to your business cards. Keep in mind that the raised effect works best when it isn’t cluttered with detailed designs that contain small elements that sit very close to one another. The contrast between the paper and the foil stamped causes a bold, eye-catching effect when the light is reflected on the foiled section of your raised foil stamped business cards.


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