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You probably hear people constantly make excuses about why they don’t bother with business card printing. They may say, “I have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…what do I need a business card for?” “Nobody wants to carry around a stack of business cards in their pocket all day at a conference.” “Can’t I just email people and avoid the cost of business card printing altogether?

The problem with assuming commercial printing is unnecessary and marketing materials are a waste of money in a digital world is that this way of thinking ignores face-to-face contact. Having print collateral that customers and clients can hold in their hands and pay attention to at an event leaves a lasting impression. Learn the reasons to print business cards in the age of social media – and see why business card printing can add life to a stagnant marketing campaign.

Networking Opportunity

Virtual networking and online networking have expanded business circles, but it is still a proven fact that face-to-face networking is still a reliable technique for creating strong business relationships, and opportunities, and improving sales. Business cards are instrumental in promoting

your business when seeking future contact from a personal you have just met. You can even turn your business card into a miniature brochure by utilizing both sides to offer contact info and a very brief glimpse into what you can offer them.

No WiFi Required

With business cards, you never have to worry about inaccessible WiFi Internet connections or power outages. If the hotel, event or conference you are attending seems to have poor Internet service, you will be extremely happy that you have a physical piece of contact information that you can pass along. You may also find yourself in situations where you and everyone else has been asked to shut off your smartphones. Just pull out that silent business card and make a loud statement without having to be rude.

Professionalism and Legitimacy

First impressions aren’t just important on the dating scene – they matter in the business world as well. People are interested in businesses that give off a feeling of professionalism and appear trustworthy. When coming into contact with small businesses that don’t have widely-recognized names or established reputations, consumers and clients judge a company on their brand appearance. Having professional business cards is a useful method of showing people that you take pride in your company image, are available to do business, and that there is some kind of vested interest in your company.

Business Relationships

The exchange of business cards is not a totally outdated ritual, in fact, it is a key manner of doing business in several countries. For example, in Hong Kong, if someone hands you a business card and you don’t offer one to them in return, you may have ended that possible relationship. In Japan, business cards speak volumes about how important someone should take you and your company.


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