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Selecting stationary printing in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Northern VA, and Fairfax County can be an overwhelming situation. There is an enormous amount of marketing companies throughout the DMV region, making it difficult to choose which printing press is most appropriate for your print needs. After you narrow down the printing company that has a serious track record, real experience in the industry, and a broad range of positive testimonies, make sure that their stationary printing service offers maximum value –because you have options. Understanding the choices that are at your disposal for stationary will give you the confidence to hire the right marketing and printing firm.


The engraving method of design is typically the most expensive and looks extremely professional. Engraving involves ink being applied to etched indents on copper plates referred to as “dies,” with paper placed over the dies and pushed into the etched design, which raises the paper and transfers the ink.

Raised Foil Stamping 

Foil stamping takes foil instead of ink to craft colored design elements on stationery.


Embossing is another process that creates a raised three-dimensional design, but it’s often referred to as “blind embossing” because no ink is used to create the finished product.

Digital printing

Digital printing is among the least expensive stationary printing options, using four colors of ink to create designs and lettering, applied in small dots.

Flat printing

Flat printing, also called offset printing, is a versatile method of stationary printing similar to digital that stamps the image onto thin or thick paper using ink on a metal, paper or rubber plate.


The letterpress printing method involves using molds of letters and designs along with ink to press the designs into thick paper, leaving the paper indented, which like engraving tends to be on the pricey side.

Business Cards

Don’t leave business cards with your name, company, title, and contact information out of your stationary printing run, because they are often the first point of contact with potential clients.

With Compliments

Compliment slips or cards are ideal stationary printing pieces to include with products you sell to thank your customer for their loyalty, to promote your brand, and stimulate return business.

Letterheads and Envelopes

Printing custom letterheads and envelopes create an immediate look of professionalism for your company during correspondences with customers.

Notepads and Labels

Remain organized with branded notepads and labels in and outside the office for employees and as promotional giveaways to customers.

Presentation Folders

Branded and customizable folders add an experienced and organized appearance to outside partners and collaborators, as well as to employees around the office.


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