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You are about to help organize an upcoming church fundraiser or a community outreach event to broaden the congregation of your place of worship. You may not have enough money, or any desire, to purchase expensive television commercials that your intended audience may not even get a chance to see in the first place. But you can create some instant curiosity in your church event by purchasing a big banner to display outside of your church for people passing by on foot or in a vehicle. Now the question remains, exactly what would be the best size banner for your next church event? We can help you recognize the advantages of certain sizes to grab the attention span of your potential audience.

Indoors or Outdoors

Are you looking to establish new people from the community to attend your church event or would you rather just make your current congregation aware of the event with your banner? It is important to determine if your banner will be displayed indoors or outdoors to make sure it is big enough, reaches the intended audience, and to ensure that the material that it is made out of is durable in that environment. Vinyl is a reliable material for church banners that works well inside and outside to handle rain and snow conditions.

Size Matters for Banners

Know where the banner is going to be hung to make sure that you don’t buy one that is too small to cover the desired area or is completely too big to be displayed in that chosen location.  Look at your location for the banner from multiple vantage points to make sure that it can be seen properly from many angles. You may only have a few seconds to grab peoples’ attention.

Vertical or Horizontal

Should the messaging on the banner be displayed on a church event banner that is hung vertically or horizontally? If the banner is going to be displayed indoors, its intended audience will be walking past it and will have more time to read it and be attracted by its long length draping down towards them. Vertical banners can be purchased at a width of between 1 foot and 6 feet generally and at a height of between 2 feet and 20 feet.

Outdoors banners are often better used horizontally because people are generally moving at a faster pace when they notice them. Their eyes are going to scan side to side and if they are forced to suddenly read from top to bottom they may be too distracted from the road to pay attention.  You will be able to buy horizontal vinyl banners at sizes that range between having widths of 2 feet to 20 feet and at heights between 1 foot and 6 feet.


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