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Once you get past the negative stereotype that the commercial printing of direct mail is nothing more than “junk mail,” you will open your business up to the benefits and opportunities that await you with direct mail marketing. A direct mail campaign with the commercial printing of brochures, coupons, and postcards raises the visibility of your company’s brand, products, and special offers. Before you can reap the rewards of direct mail, get acquainted with the guide to direct mail advertising that we have created to provide you with the proper strategies to take.

Direct Mail Advertising Explained

Direct mail advertising is your chance to take your marketing campaign and put it directly in the possession of your target audience. Now they will have a physical item they can hold and form an emotional connection with while learning about your services and products. The commercial printing of direct mail marketing materials can come in the form of brochures, coupons, postcards, as well as many others. You will need a direct mailing list of potentially interested customers to be sent to a physical address via the U.S. Postal Service – also be sure you are following the USPS guidelines for direct mail.

Campaign Message

You will need a clever, colorful, eye-catching marketing campaign message, sales offer or discount announcement. The images, text, colors, and graphics that you use need to remain consistent with your company brand – and be appropriate for your industry and the audience that you are targeting.

Call to Action

Aside from this critical information, there needs to be a “call to action” statement telling your target market audience what steps you want them to take next. Keep your call to action clear and concise in its wording. It needs to stand out completely from the additional campaign message on the direct mail marketing piece. The call to action should appear a minimum of two times – once on the front and once on the back of the direct mailing piece.

Direct Mail Tips

Do your research and include as many relevant facts that you can put in front of your potential customers about your product or service. Avoid going crazy with font styles and multiple, overwhelming graphics – simpler is usually better. As a rule, use one larger-sized font for the headline, and another smaller, different font type for the main campaign message content. Don’t forget the last piece of key information – your company contact details also needs to be printed on the direct mail piece.


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