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Sure, you may have an extensive social media following that brings you steady sales leads. But don’t miss out on the vast opportunities that can be derived from direct mail advertising. Printing brochures, coupons, and postcards with discounts grabs attention immediately because who doesn’t want to save money? Once you create a useful direct mail campaign that gives potential customers within your targeted demographic a product or service to be excited about, you will witness the difference between printing trash and printing sales boosters. Let us help you familiarize yourself with reasons why direct mail marketing is still valuable.

Multiple Uses

The possible purposes of direct mail are very customizable to your company’s needs. You can use them to spread the word about the opening of your business, a holiday sale that you are advertising, or the introduction of a new product. Encourage new customers with your direct mail campaign while simultaneously gathering customer data by using questionnaires.

Real World Attention

Technology may have simplified communication, but it hasn’t canceled out the successful opportunities to be derived from direct mail advertising marketing campaigns. In terms of stats, the United States Post Office has claimed that 78 percent of mail recipients take the time to browse through each delivered item that comes to their house. Reaching consumers right at their doorstep gives direct mail an advantage in terms of other pricier advertising options such as television and radio ads.

Branding and Marketing

Building a recognizable corporate image for your company takes more than cool colors and a bold logo. You need to cut through the clutter of mass emails and seemingly infinite online banners. Direct mail provides businesses with the chance to take a personal touch towards brand representation. You can inform people that fall within your demographic range of not just the products and services that your business offers – but what your story is. Are their community causes that your company has been raising money for? Is there an exciting or emotional backstory of how your business began? Make your mission statement clear and creative so consumers know what type of company they are giving their hard-earned money to.


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