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Political campaigns are highly competitive and expensive. Direct mail can be a powerful tool to stand out from your competition, spend your marketing budget wisely, and to influence the opinions of voters and have them take action. Direct mail campaigns have even been used to smear the reputation of o political opponents. Unlike a business that can keep on selling services and products on an ongoing basis, political direct mail campaigns have a very limited amount of time to convince people to support a candidate before an election takes place. This is why it is extremely important to familiarize yourself with what makes a good political direct mail campaign effective.


It is worth utilizing the perception that physical mail is a reliable, tangible marketing channel. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance the texture and coatings of your printed marketing materials to enhance your message and get people to interact with your direct mail to increase the chance that they not only read it but hold onto it – upping the likelihood of it being influential in their life.


Choose a very specific audience to send your printed direct mail materials to based on their political party affiliations, how frequently they vote, location, and their personal interests as well. By targeting your audience, you increase the chance of reaching like-minded people for your political campaign.


It is important to including QR codes and PURLS (personalized web pages) that direct people to online landing pages with more information that can create a memorable experience for them. Build engagement that can lead to the desire to share their experience with your political direct mail campaign with others and garner further support. Make it mobile-friendly, and consider using videos online for voters to get to know the candidate better.

Variable Data Printing

Direct mail using variable data printing lets you send various messages to a multitude of people in the exact same mailing. You can use this to change out text. By appealing to everyone – you can generate a stronger impact on them.


Direct mail for your political campaign creates results that you can measure. By recognizing what is working and what is not lets you make fast adjustments to your next mail piece. Analyze the results and try new things and avoid pitfalls such as: failing to follow postal regulations, having an inappropriate list of voters, and printing a message that isn’t clear and concise.


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