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If you are asking yourself if direct mail marketing is right for your business, the answer is yes…if you implement your direct mail campaign the correct way. According to research from Epsilon, 59% of U.S. respondents, said they find pleasure in receiving physical postal mail from brands, and 70% feel that mailbox mail is more personal than the mail via the internet. Aside from the marketing value that can be derived (Epsilon). Many marketers today are so focused on online advertising, however, it’s been proven that people feel a deeper connection to marketing that is physical.

Finding Effective Direct Mail Options

Before you create your direct mail piece to advertise your products, services, or events  – decide what type of mailer you want to send out to prospective clients and customers. Should it be a catalog showcasing your inventory with professional photos and prices? Would your direct mail campaign make a stronger impact with an explanatory brochure? Or could you drum up more excitement about your sales with a clean, clear, and classy postcard? Knowing which direct mail campaign will be the most useful for its recipients and right for you is going to depend on a few different factors:

How Much Can You Spend

Have a clear understanding of how much of your marketing budget can be allocated to your direct mail campaign. How many individuals are you trying to reach with your direct mailings? How far away will these marketing materials need to be shipped? Not all printed direct mail pieces are in the same price range. For instance, catalogs and oversized mailers will be more expensive to design, print, and to ship out because they weigh more.

Identify Your Ideal Client

In preparing the direct mail campaign that works best for your business, it is vital to know who your customer is. In order to identify exactly who your core demographic is, there is a series of questions you should ask yourself. What is your customer’s gender, age, living location, income level, interests, and shopping tendencies? After gaining a concise understanding of who your customer is, acquire a mailing list that includes that customer type.

Understand Your Products and Services

You want your direct mail campaign to cater to your target audience as well as the style of services and products that you are offering. If you are promoting an exciting new restaurant, you may choose a glossy postcard that offers flashy pictures and menu selections. But, if your service is less on the fun side, such as life insurance, sending a letter is probably more appropriate.

Write Direct Mail Copy That Converts

Focus on a single purpose for your direct mail piece. Is it to sell a service, promote a product, send people to your website, or educate customers about your industry? Whatever your goal is for your direct mail campaign, make sure it adds value to the consumer’s life. Being aware of your goal will enable you to formulate what you want the direct mail piece to say, and to make it clear to the recipients what they stand to gain by acting on what they are reading.


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