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For a fresh, professional presence in the marketplace, commercial printing provides your business with marketing materials to reach future clients. You get one chance to make a first impression. Why waste that opportunity by attempting to print cheap looking promotional items? Find out the importance of getting your brochures, stationary, catalogs, business cards, posters, and letterhead properly crafted with the expertise that is offered by a commercial printing company.

Professional Posters

When you are in need of capturing the attention of customers offline, getting a commercial printing company to create posters for your business or event is a wise choice. The typical guideline for printing posters is that the bigger the print that appears on the posters, the thicker the paper you will need to use. When you are looking for a clean and classy look for your posters, it is advised that you request a matte finish. If you prefer a flashier appearance, you should go with glossy prints.

Creating Catalogs

When your company provides products that may change monthly or every season, it is time to get a catalog printed. Offer your customers a tangible item that they can hold in their hands and keep on their coffee table. Catalogs and booklets offer people easy access to your product line and can stir up traffic to your website or retail stores. Typically, you can choose anywhere from 8-96 pages to populate your catalog with to showcase your items and their prices.

Printing Business Cards

Don’t be so quick to give up on business cards in this age of social media overload. Personal interaction still leaves a lasting impression and printing business cards gets the job done. Get your brand directly in a clients hand with a matte finish or glossy business card with your contact information, company colors, logo, and business name displayed. Some tips to keep in mind are to use at least 13 pt. card stock and embossed lettering to provide a professional look to have potential clients take you seriously from the first glance.

Branded Stationary and Letterhead

Generally speaking, business letterhead and stationery is printed on cream, off-white, or white paper with a matte finish. You should utilize premium 24 lb. paper to express professional prestige when you mail out company correspondences.

Business Brochures

Hiring a commercial printing firm to print your business brochures creates a comprehensive marketing piece to present your company’s products and services or update customers on a new wave of updated information. It is advised to print folded brochures on heavier card stock, less firm brochures on 70 if 80 lb. stock, and even stiffer brochures on 100 lbs cover or 10 pt. card stock. Present your colorfully designed business brochures on a bi-fold, tri-fold, Z-fold, accordion style, or gatefold configuration.


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