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Here are some interesting statistics from the Huffington Post: 33% of people feel direct mail is the most effective way to remember a product, 74% of people look forward to what might be in their mailbox, and 79% of people react to direct mail quickly. With satisfying stats like these, how could direct mail marketing be dead? Beef up your marketing strategies with direct mail and don’t stay stuck in the oversaturated online landscape of digital marketing. People aren’t so robotic that they ignore the emotional stimulation that comes from discovering something free and unexpected in their mailbox. If you still have your doubts, let’s investigate these core reasons why direct mail is not dead after all.

Brand Awareness With Direct Mail

Any real company or fake company can create a free website. But how many businesses will invest money to promote a company that they don’t believe in? Look for direct mail marketing to be the solution to building trust, believability, and brand awareness to people that may never have heard of your company or are still deciding who to hire.

Direct Mail is Real

Just think about how many video ads, digital banners, and online links to companies that you are bombarded with every morning on your way to your inbox to read email. How many of these ads do you ever click on? Even if you did have an impulse to click every ad you see, would you even have the time to act on all of those curiosities? Now is the time to evolve back to the basics of marketing with printed direct mail marketing and give customers something they can actually hold and share in their hands.

Digital and Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing doesn’t have to be an “either-or” situation where it is either direct mail or it is online marketing. Having a commercial printing company create direct mail marketing collateral for you to mail out to prospects can also stimulate your online efforts even further, driving more traffic to your website.

Personalization on a Local Level

To acquire and keep customers and clients, you need to prove that your company is of value to them and that a relationship with you will improve whatever they already have going. Getting personal is very hard to do when you are stuck using online marketing because the World Wide Web is global – not local. Show potential customers that you are from their region and understand them on a personal level by personalizing your direct mail pieces.

All Audiences Can Appreciate Direct Mail

Not all middle-aged and senior citizens are internet-savvy or comfortable with sharing their personal information online. Statistics show that approximately 41% of our population that are over 65 don’t use the internet at all. That means that if you only stick to online marketing, you are missing out on almost half of the men and women that are of retirement age. Direct mail is a method that these same individuals have grown up with. They feel more comfortable getting direct mail in their mailbox than getting direct messages in their inbox. Keep your marketing strategy beneficial to everyone with a residential address with direct mail marketing.


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