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It is no secret that copywriters are in demand when charities in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia turn towards direct mail pieces to increase the number of donations that they will receive. When it comes to creating a direct mail campaign in the form of a fundraising letter, it will take some expertise to execute this essential form of utilizing marketing materials. Commercial printing of direct mail advertisements is extremely important when you are looking for fundraising letters and donation inquiries to be taken seriously by recipients. Therefore, before you get that direct mail marketing going to raise money for a non-profit organization’s important cause, be sure to take our advice on how to write an effective direct mail fundraising letter.

Make it Personal

Avoid the generic ways of addressing people in your fundraising letter. Instead of using “Dear Friend,” use first names instead of Mr. or Mrs. You don’t want to create an embarrassing situation by assigning the wrong gender. This will not only ruin their first impression of the charity, but it could lead to the end of their interactions – and no donations.

Thank Donors for Past Support

You truly do not want to be wording your fundraising letter as if a long-term donor has never given a single dollar to this cause. Do the appropriate research to determine whether they are a past donor or a brand new potential donor. If they have contributed in the past, first thank them for their previous support before asking them to donate again.

Create Some Storytelling

Win over donors with your fundraising letter by telling some success stories of the charity or the stories of some of the individuals that will benefit from their financial contributions.

Donors are the Heroes 

Keep the focus and attention on how important the donors are. They are the real heroes – not the charity itself. If you spend too much time bragging about the non-profit organization, the emotional connection to those that need the help will get lost.

Keep it Conversational 

Fundraisers letters are not the forum to show off how big your fancy vocabulary is. Envision this donation pitch as if it is being given to your grandmother or a friend on the street.

Clearly, Ask for What You Want 

Be very clear about what you need the donor to do, why you need them to do it, and when it needs to happen.


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