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Even in our digital age, direct mail still gets the job done when it comes to return on investment. According to a direct mail research study done by InfoTrends: 66% of direct mail gets opened, 82% of direct mail is read for at least a minute, 56% of direct mail recipients who responded visited the physical store or went online, and 62% of direct mail responders in the past three months bought something. But the biggest stat of all was that 84% of direct mail receivers reported that personalization made them more likely to open direct mail. If you are looking for methods to increase the response rate of your direct mail advertisements in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland, use these strategies to make your direct mail marketing more memorable.

Dimensional Mail

Add some excitement to the mail experience of potential customers with mail pieces that have postcards and envelopes that have creative shapes. Consider adding some bulk to your marketing items with boxes or tubes for containers. Imagine the response rate you could achieve if your printed marketing materials didn’t just come in the standard envelope, but inside a little plastic bottle with a label on it?

Multiple Folds

Add a fun factor to your direct mail piece by transforming a normal folded flyer or brochure into a unique puzzle by folding it in multiple ways. By adding this extra touch, consumers will have their curiosity built up higher to see what is inside this printed piece.


Look into video mailers with built-in audiovisual players that play the ad after opening the mailer or by pushing a button. People don’t have to bother with software applications to watch these videos.  This is a rather recent and pricey high-tech form of direct mail marketing, But it will surely keep your company on the cutting edge.

Creative Experience

Don’t just create a direct mail message – bring consumers a direct mail experience. Convey your marketing message in a fun way, such as with a cartoon, printed games or crossword puzzles. Now not only will potential customers receive information about your products and services, but they will also be entertained.


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