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Direct mail marketing is an advertising method in which businesses and organizations provide physical marketing materials to potential customers and consumers to deliver information about a product or service they offer. Now that you have a basic definition of direct mail marketing, now is the time to take a moment and understand what direct marketing can specifically do for your business. Learning the distinctive nature of a direct mail campaign allows you to know how to justify its usage in your marketing procedures and explain how it can impact your success when seeking approval for its implementation.

Direct Mail Delivery

One of the key ways that direct marketing is distinguished from other forms of advertising is in the ways in which direct mail advertisements are delivered. Direct mail messaging is not spread via the Internet, nor is it sent out over the radio or in between television programming. The way that direct mailing materials reach their intended recipients is by the commercial printing of marketing materials and directly mailing them to consumer’s addresses physically through postal delivery services. The importance of this element is that mailing ads to customers create an element of surprise that creates a response in our offline life.

When we are tied to a mode of media, such as our computers, television screens or car radios, we expect to receive information about products and services. But when we reach into our mailboxes and see enticing brochures and postcards with contests, or amazing sales discount coupons, our curiosity is peaked because we weren’t expecting it. These promotional flyers and product catalogs that we can hold in our hands create a chance to manually experience what a company has to offer. Instead of having our entertainment interrupted like TV and radio ads, we can feel the sudden sensation that is derived from receiving something for free with direct mail.

Effective Direct Marketing

Another way of defining direct marketing is by focusing on the word “direct.” Direct marketing takes the “middle man” out of the marketing process and literally allows companies to open up a direct line of communication with potential customers. To start a productive conversation with your target demographic, it is recommended to include a “call to action” statement in your direct marketing material, as well as contact information.

This exciting and catchy message needs to encourage the recipient to respond to the special offer that you are giving them access to. This makes it possible to gauge the effectiveness of the direct marketing campaign because you can compare the number of responses you have received against the number of direct mailings that you have sent out. It is important to use targeted lists of prospects developed using marketing data, and identifying groups that are most likely to be interested in this product or service.


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