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Commercial printing offers marketing materials and print collateral that capture the attention of potential customers and clients. Expand your brand with critical business printing products like business cards, brochures, posters, catalogs, letterhead, and stationery. Learn more about the most important commercial printing materials, and why they are critical to have available to establish a personal touch to your business and allow consumers to interact with your brand directly.

Business Cards

Business cards are a marketing medium that merge company branding elements like the company’s name, logo, and colors with a physical item. Keep in mind that business cards should be printed on at least 13 pt. card stock to ensure that they are crisp and heavy enough as compared to other high-quality business cards. Unlike a mere digital email with your contact information, business cards offer a variety of materials and textures like matte or glossy finish and embossing to customize your company’s business information with a professional aesthetic.


Brochures simplify the marketing information for a business in one easy-to-read sturdy piece of printed promotional reference material. Folded brochures are generally printed on heavier card stock to maintain their shape. Less rigid brochures are printed on 70 or 80 lb. stock, while stiffer brochures are on 100 lb. cover or 10 pt. card stock. They can typically be folded in configurations such as bi-fold, tri-fold, gatefold, accordion, and Z-fold. You have plenty of room for colorful and credible graphic design elements that fit your business profile to entice customers.


If your business offers a wide array of products that change annually or even seasonally, you definitely need to look into the commercial printing services of getting a catalog made. Catalogs still connect with consumers in the digital age and create a conversation piece to drive traffic to your website or physical retail locations. Booklets and Catalogs provide customers with fast access to your inventory, in a stylish manner that can fluctuate between 8-96 pages with saddle stitch or perfect binding.

Letterhead and Stationery

Business stationery and letterhead is usually printed on a white, off-white, or cream color matte text paper. Premium 24 lb. is a great minimum starting point, adding that extra level of professionalism when mailing out company correspondences and invitations.


Posters grab attention in the real world when your customer is offline and out and about. Generally, when looking to print posters, the rule to go by is that the larger the print, the heavier the paper you should get to print on. Glossy prints give you that fancy look and appeal that we have come to expect from movie posters and advertisements for special events. Matte finishes provide sophistication to your business poster.


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