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Corporate brochures are printed publications that are utilized to showcase the benefits of a company’s products and services to potential or current customers and clients. These company brochures generally have one, two or three folds, giving them a distinctive look that separates them from other printed marketing materials like fliers, catalogs, and direct mail letters. As an affordable form of advertising, a corporate brochure can be useful to both large corporations all the way to small start-up companies. Now, let’s take your understanding of corporate brochures a step further and guild you towards how to make the best use of them to stimulate sales.

What Makes Corporate Brochures Useful

Businesses can utilize a corporate brochure in several marketing functions. They can be sent out to specific customers using a mailing list with a business card attached to personalize it.  Companies can use brochures in a variety of marketing capacities. Direct sellers may choose to hire a commercial printer to create corporate brochures that they can be delivered to prospects door to door. Physical brick and mortar retail stores display company brochures inside their locations to give away to shoppers to reinforce the sales opportunities for their customers.

Brochures Designed Properly

When printing corporate brochures, it is integral that the design and layout of that business brochure is aesthetically appealing to your intended audience. Being that you are most likely having a commercial printing company mass producing your corporate brochures for you, you surely want to use bright, contrasting, and relevant branding colors to promote your organization in a sophisticated and appropriate manner. Set the tone for the customer to want to delve deeper into being informed about the importance of your services of products. A corporate brochure is similar to a website in that – if the information is too cluttered and confusing then customers will stop reading. Set the proper tone for the brochure so that it fits your company’s story and keep the information organized and easy to take in.

Valuable Content

Make sure that the content that is included in your printed corporate brochure is useful, informative, and delivers on the goals of your company. Brochures give you much more opportunity and room to educate customers and clients than fliers, postcards or sales letters. Use this chance to convey the backstory of your company, make the reader feel attracted to your corporate culture and mission statement, and solve their problems with the value of your products and services by showing their strengths.


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