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When it comes to printing and distributing promotional marketing material, the core result that you are looking for is sales. This requires that your informative typed marketing copy, your enticing photographs, and your gratifying graphics all work together in unison to strengthen the overall selling power of these printed brochures, postcards, and posters. We all know what horrible, amateurish graphic design looks like. But its way more difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes for good graphics for marketing materials. We have taken the liberty of distilling the effective strategies of preparing polished and professional promotional items down to four steps for you to implement into your graphical layouts.

Embrace the Customer

Before any graphic design is applied to your printed marketing materials, ask yourself this simple question, who will read this ad and buy the product? Be clear about the type of people that make up your core target audience and what their preferences are. Directing the messaging to this perceived audience will dictate the tone and style that your publicity materials should utilize.

Reflect the Message

During your brainstorming sessions for your professionally printed marketing materials, figure out what you want the audience to feel and what information you want to draw their attention to. Let the details and the ideas written into the message copy inspire the graphic design, and keep it consistent. Reflect the industry, the products, and even the lifestyle of the customers with the imagery. If, for instance, the main message is that the marketed software application is user-friendly, try representing an easy-to-read design flow that captures the minimalist functionality of the product.

Showcase the Product

If you can showcase the product or service that’s great. But what is even better is showing people actually using it. Effective publicity gives an example of the item in use, giving the future customer a chance to image themselves having their busy lives simplified in the same way. Use this technique to drive sales by getting as many appropriate photos as possible to integrate the right ones effortlessly into the design concept.

Highlight the Benefits

Identify the strengths and advantages of this advertised item and demonstrate those benefits with your visual selections. It is more powerful to show the product making a difference in people’s lives than to just show what color and shape it is. Read the copy with a careful eye on what stands out about this service, make a list of adjectives that describe these positive uses, and create imagery that puts these descriptive terms into a tangible marketing presentation.

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