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As soon as you hear that luxe business cards typically cost 2-3 times what an average business card costs, you may be scared away from them. But once you accept the higher price point for luxury business cards and explore the reasons for the cost hike and the benefits to stepping up your printed marketing material efforts – the reasons to say “yes” to luxe business cards becomes crystal clear. Let’s review the core reasons why thick, premium and luxe business cards have become more popular.

Sturdy Thickness and Weight

Premium luxe business cards are thicker and provide a sturdier feel in the hands of those that you pass them to. Their smooth texture and added weight tends to be approximately double that of a basic, standard business cards and feel similar to a refrigerator magnet. Size matters in the ever-expanding global corporate world, and luxe business cards create an advertisement for you that is a lot harder for people to want to throw away when they see and feel the quality and higher investment involved.

Professional Look

The thicker width and matte texture add a solid impression of who you are and your strong personal belief in making your name known in your industry. When printing luxury business cards, subtle gradients don’t come across well with the matte printing involved because subtle shifts in color aren’t clearly expressed with the matte texture. But to create an incredibly strong, professional look for your luxe business cards, it is recommended to use simple, contrasting, single color elements.

Standout from the Competition

When business professionals collect an enormous amount of business cards, they all start to look and feel the same. Unfortunately, that means that the memory of who handed them these generic business cards starts to evaporate. The likelihood that the recipients of your business cards will actually contact you in the future will also disappear if they can’t recall who you are and why they should care.

Make a greater impact on the crowded brains and busy schedules of the clients that you meet by choosing to print upscale, premium luxury business cards. First impressions are everything, especially for small businesses and start-up companies. Don’t blend into the background with all of your competitors that are all clawing for limited resources and contacts. Make your presence known immediately with a sturdy luxe business card to pique the interest of investors immediately.


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