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What is the point of spending hard earned dollars from your marketing budget to produce and deliver a letter for direct mail sales just to have it end up decorating the inside of thousands of garbage cans? When you are targeting influential industry tastemakers and possible consumers in local areas like Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, you want to create a direct mail marketing piece that will speak volumes for your business.

Before you begin to add any business lingo or specific descriptions of your products and services, be sure to incorporate these reliable strategies for writing a useful direct mail sales letter to get the results you deserve.

Match your message with the needs of the target audience

Corporate marketers in North Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. are often torn between email or direct mail to launch a successful marketing campaign. The key for an effective result is to merge direct mail advertising and email marketing. Before you execute your marketing efforts, use relevant data to develop a targets strategy, communicate with customers in four categories: low propensity, future potential, high propensity, and best bests, then utilize personalized messaging to contact them. But what are these four customer quadrants for communication, and why are they necessary for direct mail marketing?

Low Propensity

Being that this segment represents low potential for generating revenue, this customer base lends itself to affordable lead-nurturing emails. Instead of printed marketing materials, digital surveys or invitations to visit your trade show booth would make the most sense.

Future Potential

The customer population in this area currently creates revenue for your business, but don’t really factor into significant new revenue. These occasional consumers don’t consist of the best area for large marketing dollars. But some light email and direct mail advertising could help to peak interest in new products and services to nurture future business from them.

High Propensity

This section caters to prospects who may offer low existing revenue but high potential revenue. In planning your strategy efforts, you need to consider a less costly communication to engage and grow this segment. Whether you mount an email campaign or print coupons, brochures, and postcards as your direct mail marketing materials – make your messages as personal as possible. These are the customer leads that could offer a huge boost to your financial bottom line.

Best Bets

This is the section where you need to unload your direct mail marketing materials because this group offers high existing revenue and high potential revenue. These customers are literally your best bet for spending marketing dollars.  Find the right campaign offers for products and services that these customers would need the most.


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