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Direct mail leads are sales opportunities that stem from an organization to stimulate interest in their products and services by sending out printed marketing materials such as postcards, brochures, catalogs, flyers, or discount coupons directly to a customer’s physical address. Direct mail leads are still popular sales solutions because people still read their mail, and the mailing lists have become more informative with data beyond simply the name and the address of the recipient. In order for direct mail leads to be “real leads” and to have some longevity to their ability to be used, they must be handled with care. To determine how long you can use your direct mail leads, follow our advice.

Deal With the Decision Makers

When you are determining if you should still use a direct mail sales lead, make sure that the name of the person still lives or works at the address you have listed. Otherwise, not only will you have an embarrassing phone call coming up, so will the next representative that contacts them. Also, when you are using direct mail leads to stimulate business from a business to business level, are you contracting the person that is authorized to make a decision? Seek out a purchasing person, the office manager, the department head, or perhaps the company owner.

Perform a Prospect Inventory

If you are interested in not wasting direct mail leads, and to be able to stretch out their worthiness, determine what the prospect already owns in your category. Receive information such as how long they have had your products or services, or similar ones. Discover how they feel about their current products. Once you know their likes and dislikes, you will have useful information to guide you during your sales presentation phase. Investigating their needs can not only transform a lead into a sale in the present tense, but it could also prepare for a future sale if their needs are already met at the moment.

Inquire About Timing

Is this the right time for your prospect to buy? Do they have any budgetary issues that will prevent them from moving forward on a sale? Has their current contract with a service provider expired, or is the proper contact person out of town currently? When you are using direct mail leads, it is not just important to ensure that the contact information associated with them is accurate, it is also key that you are respecting their current needs and financial concerns.

Honesty is the Best Policy

If the sales prospect that you are communicating with from a direct mail lead makes it clear that they have no desire for your products and services, and you determine that they don’t have any need to be in business with you, don’t try to force a sale – and don’t try to force this direct mail lead into your database any longer. If the sales prospect doesn’t ask to be taken off your marketing list, then you can give them time for their situation to change. But respect their reasons and don’t pressure them to the point that they become sick of your company altogether.


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